“I want to redefine streetfood.”


Nailya, Streetfood.kz, Kazakhstanxan


When Nailya started working as a waitress 20 years ago, she probably didn’t expect to be running her own business one day. But after filling all kinds of positions in the restaurant business along her way, Nailya realized that she was ready to start her own thing.


“When you become a business owner, you think you’ll have a lot of freedom, but you actually face many different challenges and have to learn various skills. You have more responsibilities, you master different professions: you become partly lawyer, plumber or electrician. You don’t even know what you’ll have to be an expert at next. But you master it quickly and overcome any hurdles.”


-Nailya said about being a business owner

“We keep changing our flavors, offering our customers something new to try, something other than what they’re used to eating. For example, we serve our doner kebab with vegetables and homemade sauces instead of fries and ketchup. People are wary at first but I tell them: Try it, it's tasty and good for you!”


-Talking about the food



"When we expand and open several more places, we will need a supplier who can provide stability, consistency and high-quality products. Metro has all of these things. We want to focus more on development and not worry about when to expect delivery of the products we use and sell. As a result, everyone is happy: our guests, customers, us and Metro.”


-Nailya said about opening more places

You can enjoy healthy fastfood 24 hours a day at Streetfood.kz. Doner kebab made with their own recipes, served with a variety of tasty spices and homemade sauces.


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